Women get to grips with how to “Make a Change”

On Thursday 28th September,   20 women came together to “Make a Change” with Women’s Lives Leeds.

Some of the women who took part in the workshop
More women taking part in this exciting workshop

They came from many different backgrounds and experiences but were united in learning about how women can make a difference and impact society at all levels.

The event consisted of the delivery of targeted activities, specifically designed to support the knowledge around the history of women in parliament, understanding government, and how to impact and influence government policy.

Women took part in quizzes, watched videos, and completed activities around writing to your MP about specific issues.

It was really fascinating to see how quickly women became inspired to see how their opinions and thoughts could be shaped to be delivered directly to the heart of government.

Women completing the Contact Your MP exercise

We then talked about how women who access services can make a direct difference and get their voices heard directly by becoming involved in the Women’s Lives Leeds Advisory Board,. The Advisory Board is the vehicle for service user voice in the Women’s Lives Leeds project, including members soon electing representatives to sit on the  WLL Partnership board (this is where the Chief Executives of all of the partner organisations of Women’s Lives Leeds meet).

Women completing the timeline exercise

Women then had the chance to sign up for the Women’s Lives Leeds Advisory Board. They were reassured that no skills were necessary to start, just their experience, and any necessary skills would be developed during their time on the board.

Overall most women really enjoyed the event and comments were made including “I liked the interactive sessions, such as the timeline exercise” and “A well delivered event. Informative, educational and inspiring”.

The next Advisory Board meeting is on October 13th at 10.30am. If you are a service user with any Women’s Lives Leeds organisation, you are very welcome. Contact Jackie on 07584 132757 for more information. 

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