Another successful Advisory Board

Yesterday saw the third meeting of Women’s Lives Leeds Advisory Board, the most diverse of our meetings so far, with 10 women attending from 6 of our partner organisations.

It was hosted by Shantona, at the Bangladesh Centre on Roundhay Road. In two hours we shared stories and looked at the vast skills women acquire by going about their lives.

Women used the various case studies to highlight the numerous skills that a women has!

We did activities, we laughed, we shared some food and we made plans.

We talked about how the women could be involved in upcoming

Women’s Lives Leeds worker Jackie discussing the activity with the groups. We made strategies for reaching more women in the partnership by the design and delivery of leaflets about the Advisory Board.

recruitment processes – their voices directly impacting the Women’s Lives Leeds services.

We talked about empowering one another to feel able for their voices to be heard. It was great.

Any current or ex service user of any of our partner services are welcome to be part of our Advisory Board. To be involved, or if you have any questions about the Advisory Board, email or phone 07584 132757. 

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